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Report on public debt of Montenegro as of 31 December 2005

Published date: 20.04.2006 11:20 | Author: DRŽAVNI DUG

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Public debt of Montenegro amounted to EUR 700,4 million as of 31 December 2005. Domestic debt amounted to EUR187,1 million or 26,7% of total debt, while foreign debt amounted to EUR 513,3 million or 73,3% respectively. It is primarily due to ongoing negotiations and allocation of debt , ongoing negotiations on succession of the former SFRY and impossibility to quantify explicit liabilities assumed under the Law on Restitution of Expropriated Property Rights and Compensation that this amount has not been fully clear-cut. According to current estimations, no great divergences are likely to arise following conclusion of negotiations on allocation of the financial assets and liabilities with the Republic of Serbia...Download