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1st CfP assessors for CBC Montenegro - Kosovo (2014 – 2020): Publication of Award

Published date: 29.01.2019 10:00 | Author: CFCU

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Call for Proposals for CBC Programme MNE - KOSOVO

Reference Number: EuropeAid/138-710/ID/ACT/MULTI

You can download Publication of Award: CBC Programme MNE – KSV 2014-2020, Award list_re-submission.docpublished on 29.01.2019.

You can download presentations form Info session day: Presentations MNE KOS.zippublished on 13.04.2017.

You can download the Clarifications here: Clarifications CBC MNE-KOS_final.docx, published on 13.04.2017.

You can download the Corrigendum for the 1st Call for Proposal: Corrigendum 1 - 1st Call for Proposals CBC MNE-KOS, corrected version.docpublished on 06.04.2017.

You can download Call for Proposals package here: Application Package.ZIPpublished on 10.03.2017.

You can download the Information Session notice here: Information Session Notice final.docpublished on 10.03.2017.

You can download local publication: Local publication.DOCpublished on 10.03.2017.