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Speech of the Deputy Minister Mr. Milorad Katnić, at the Regional Conference on Business Environment Reforms in South East Europe Fragment from the Speech

Published date: 18.11.2009 13:18 | Author: Govori i Izjave

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In my opinion, this is a unique opportunity for exchanging regional experiences gained in the process of reforms implemented by our countries. Im using the opportunity to express my gratitude both to the International Finance Corporation for cooperation and the Government of the Republic of Albania for hospitality. One of the strategic priorities of the Government of Montenegro is the improvement of the business environment and implementation of regulatory framework in reaching the final transitional phase, as well as fulfilling the Copenhagen related to the ability of facing with the competitive pressure imposed by the European Union. In addition to the protection of ownership rights, being a basic prerequisite for the strengthening of entrepreneurial initiatives, the Government of Montenegro recognized the importance of creating the economic system and institutional framework being eligible and allowing for the regulation and establishment of institutions that will accelerate and abolish business barriers existing in both current and new businesses. In that light, in the past period reforms were implemented to allow for such approach in all areas of the economic system, with the objective of creating more favorable business conditions to the highest possible extent. The strong commitment of the Government of Montenegro to create a favorable environment for private sector development through improvement of business regulation was recognized institutionally by establishing the Council for elimination of business barriers. The Council for elimination of business barriers is the authority established by the Government with the task of organizing and coordinating activities of state administrative bodies and other relevant institutions with the objective of eliminating barriers to business. In order to improve legislation, the Council has the mandate to propose to the Government the adoption of regulations governing the area of business barriers elimination, as well as to analyze existing regulations from the aspect of business barriers and to propose amendments to the Government...