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Presentation of the Deputy Minister of Finance of Montenegro, Mr. Milorad Katnića, on the occasion of presentation of projects within Montenegrin German cooperation in the area of development

Published date: 16.11.2009 14:31 | Author: Govori i Izjave

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.I am honored for being given the opportunity to speak on todays press conference on behalf of the Government of Montenegro in light of celebrating ten years of successful cooperation in the development area between the Government of Montenegro and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Federal Republic of Germany, with 200 million Euros of assistant is the largest bilateral donor in Montenegro. In the previous period, both with the financial and experts assistance the German Government assisted us in implementation of important projects for the development of necessary infrastructure in the energy area, utility infrastructure, tourism, etc. However, our biggest challenge in forthcoming years is certainly the recovery of our economy and in meeting this objective we will be supported by projects which we will implement with German partners who will contribute to bridging the economic gap between the North and South (tourism development and tourist infrastructure in the continental part of Montenegro), opening new employment opportunities, vocational training, etc. Moreover, the continuation of technical and experts cooperation, numerous development and infrastructure related projects aimed at improving water supply and waste water management systems, energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources, opening new credit lines, support to small and medium sized enterprises, will certainly represents a significant impulse for the implementation of our Economic Policy objectives.