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Call for Proposals for the grant scheme: "Enhancement of Business Environment and Competetivness of the Private Sector of Montenegro"-Grants Award Notice

Published date: 29.11.2018 09:10 | Author: cfcu

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Call for proposals for grant scheme "Enhancement of Business Environment and Competetivness of the Private Sector"

Reference: EuropeAid/159-459/DD/ACT/ME

Here you can download Grants Award Notice: e11_publication_of_award_en.docpublished on 29.11.2018.

Here you can download clarifications: CA clarifications - EuropeAid-159459-DD-ACT-ME.docxpublished on 23.04.2017.

Here you can download the presentation: Presentation-Enhancement of Business Environment and Competitiveness of the Private Sector.pdfpublished on 21.03.2017.

Here you can download the Information session notice for the Call of Proposals: Information session notice 159459.docpublished on 15.03.2017.

Here you can download the Aplication package for the Call of Proposals: 

e3a_guidelines_en Final 20180227.docxAnnex B - Budget.xlsAnnex C - Logical framework.docAnnex D - Legal Entity File (public law body).pdfAnnex D - Legal Entity Sheet (natural person).pdfAnnex D - Legal Entity Sheet (private or public law body with legal form).pdfAnnex E - Financial Identification Form.pdfAnnex F - PADOR offline Form.pdfAnnex J - Information on the tax regime applicable to grant contracts.docAnnex G - Standard Grant Contract.zipAnnex G - Standard Grant Contract.zipAnnex K - Guidelines and Checklist for assessing Budget and Simplified cost options.doc published on 02.03.2017.