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Supply contract "Supply of equipment which is in line with modernized educational programmes for schools"-Award Notice

Published date: 08.09.2017 08:00 | Author: Ministry of Finance- Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assisstance Funds

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Supply Contract "Supply of equipment which is in line with modernised educational programmes for schools", within the "Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2012-2013"

Publication reference, EuropeAid/138060/IH/SUP/ME

You can download Award Notice: Award notice.docpublished on 08.09.2017.

You can download Clarifications here: Questions Answers 01122016_comments (2) (4).doc, published on 01.12.2016.

You can download Contract Notice for this supply here: Contractnotice_2.1..docx, published on 11.10.2016.

And here you can download tender dossier for this contract: Tender dossier SUP 2.1 for, published on 11.10.2016.

You can download PIN for this supply contract here c1_priorinfo_en 2.1. supply.pdf, published on 22.03.2016.