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Government adopts Montenegro’s 2012-2015 PEP, aims at boosting competitiveness and growth, reducing crisis effects

Published date: 27.12.2012 16:39 | Author: Ivona Mihajlović - administrator

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Podgorica, Montenegro (27 December 2012) – At today’s Cabinet session, the Government of Montenegro adopted the Pre-accession Economic Programme (PEP) for Montenegro 2012-2015, drafted by the Ministry of Finance.

The Pre-Accession Economic Programme 2012-2015 outlines the policies and structural reforms that need to be implemented over a three-year period. It will serve as a basis for creating a consistent economic policy aimed at boosting Montenegro’s economic competitiveness, mitigating the negative effects of the new wave of the economic crisis, and establishing a stable basis for a sustainable growth in the long term. The programe provides two macroeconomic and fiscal scenarios: baseline and lower growth scenario.

The Programme will be submitted to the European Commission by late January 2013, followed by assessment and presentation of assessment findings at the ministerial meeting with candidate states and the European Commission in May 2013.

The PEP is part of the pre-accession fiscal surveillance procedure, which aims at preparing the candidate countries for the participation in the multilateral surveillance and economic policy co-ordination procedures currently in place in the EU as part of the Economic and Monetary Union.