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Seminar “Better Integration of Structural Reforms into Medium – Term Fiscal Projections’’

Seminar “Better Integration of Structural Reforms into Medium – Term Fiscal Projections’’
Published date: 14.09.2010 16:08 | Author: Ivona Mihajlović - administrator

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Seminar titled “Better integration of structural reforms into the medium-term fiscal projections'', was organized by the Ministry of Finance and Capacity Development Program (CDP). Mr. Avanesov has said that the UNDP office in Montenegro is pleased to support capacity building of the Ministry of Finance and other institutions responsible for preparation and implementation of the Economic and Fiscal Programme (EFP), and other strategic documents relating to the accession to the European Union and the ongoing reforms. "This workshop is only a part of the great work that the Ministry of Finance is conducting and implementing with national partners, and we at UNDP are proud to be a part of this activity. We are constantly shifting from one to the other programme, and in each programme the Ministry of Finance is using its best endeavors to strengthen and improve the analysis and strategic thinking and quality. The special attention is placed on the structural reforms and the medium - term fiscal projections, which is very important nowadays when many countries in the region, including Montenegro, are exiting recession. Mr. Milorad Katnić, Deputy Minister, has said that the Seminar represents the beginning of preparing the fourth EFP, aimed at further improving the quality of the document, which occupies an important place in the process of joining the European Union. He said that by organizing this seminar, the Ministry of Finance will try to introduce enhanced access, in order to take into account all remarks and shortcomings that the European Commission has identified in the latest version of the EFP, particularly in the area of structural reforms, as he added, should be specific and consistent with the medium-term macroeconomic and fiscal projections. Mr. Katnić also said that the next EFP be the last one prepared by Montenegro, given the impending review of the European Commission and the strategic goal to obtain the candidate country status. He emphasized that this means that we must start thinking about the Pre - Accession Economic Programme (PEP )...".