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Speech of the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Mr. Igor Lukšić, PhD., on the Millennium Development Goals Summit that was held in New York

Published date: 20.09.2010 15:25 | Author: Ivona Mihajlović - administrator

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"I would like to congratulate the Secretary - General H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon on initiating this very important gathering, which will contribute to achieving the common mission of accelerating progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The Summit organization is a confirmation of the importance of joint thinking and coordinated action in seeking answers to the challenges of today. Our common reality at the beginning of this millennium was marked by the unpredictable challenges that have fundamentally influenced the way of life, and the implementation of planned development needs. Financial and economic situation has weakened the efforts in resolving the existing crisis in food and energy supply, in conjunction with the growing negative impacts of climate change further indicating that, in addition to responsibility for the development within its own borders, each country, as a member of the United Nations must share the responsibility for the development at the global level. Therefore, the development philosophy on the necessity of cooperation and interaction between countries and entities in order to improve global living conditions, is today more important than ever. Thus the role of the United Nations, as the broadest multilateral forums ... Montenegro is today, as it was then, committed to contribute to the implementation of commitments and to support strengthening the coordination of relevant entities at the global level. "