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World Bank Backs Fiscal and Financial Sector Reforms in Montenegro

WASHINGTON, December 20, 2017 — The World Bank supports a package of reforms to strengthen public finance and financial sector resilience in Montenegro through a Euro 80 million guarantee approved today. The reforms are supported through a Policy-Based Guarantee (PBG) – a first in a programmatic series of two operations – which will aim to secure two to three times larger private finance and allow for orderly refinancing of the existing debt liabilities towards commercial creditors...

Ministarstvo finansija

Ministarstvo finansija

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Cancellation of a service tender procedure "Improvement of Budget Department IT system Location"

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Shortlist Notice for Service Contract: "The development and strengthening of the capacities of State Audit Institution and Audit Authority"

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Shortlist Notice for Service contract "Technical Assistance for Alignment and Implementation of the EU Internal Market acquis"

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Press realese: Montenegro Budget execution in the period January-April 2018 (GDDS table 04)

Positive macroeconomic trends from the beginning of 2018 are also visible through collection of budget revenues, which are amounted to 484,2 mill.€ in January-April, according to the preliminary data, and compared to the same period last year it is higher by 61,7 mill.€ or 14,6% and compared to the plan by 9,3 mill.€ or 2,0%....